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Learn Mandarin at your pace. 

Course Information


Pricing for private classes ranges between $45 to $70 per hour for one student. 

Available Lessons:

•    Customized in-person lesson

•    Customized online lesson

•    Afterschool Tutoring

•    Learning-Together Immersive lesson for families

•    Specific language coaching class for actors 

•    Exam Preparation lesson (HSK, BCT, AP, SAT and IB)

•    Business Chinese lesson

•    Chinese Literacy lesson for Heritage Speakers

•    Oral Chinese lesson

Study with our outstanding teachers without traveling to school. The class can be offered in-person at your site or online, and the curriculum will be personalized to give you the optimal outcome and the flexibility. Our teachers are dedicated to students' success and it's our goal to make the learning journey productive and enjoyable. 

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Have Questions?

We welcome you to contact us or read our FAQ section.

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