The Chinese Language Academy is an education company focusing on providing high-quality and fast-paced Chinese language classes to companies, government agencies, and individuals. We have branches in major US cities, all upholding the same high standards for education excellence. 


We offer group courses at our facilities, specially-designed Mandarin Chinese classes and Chinese culture lectures on the client site, private 1-on-1 classes, and online classes. Since its establishment in 2013, CLA has supported its corporate and individual clients in over 50 industries to conquer the language barriers and succeed in their missions. Prestigious clients of CLA include the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Snapchat, Embassy of France in Washington DC, Getty Center and the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.


All CLA instructors are native Chinese speakers who have graduated from top US universities such as Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, UCLA, and USC. We use scientifically-proved teaching methods and fun class activities to empower our students. With outstanding educational and professional experience and genuine passion in teaching, our instructors bring practical communication solutions to the class and transform a challenging course into an exciting and inspiring experience. 

Ysabella Chen

Director of Academic Affairs

Principal Instructor


  • MA in History from the University of Maryland

  • BA in Chinese Linguistics from Huazhong Normal University


  • Chinese Language Flagship Program Officer at American Councils for International Education

  • Mandarin Teacher at the Upward Bound Program of the U.S. Department of Education

  • Mandarin Instructor at Huazhong Normal University 

  • English-Chinese Interpreter for U.S. congressmen and members of the U.S. President's Cabinet

  • Certified Assessor of National Mandarin Proficiency Test (PSC)

  • Featured speaker at conferences of Getty Center and International Peace Research Association of United Nations


  • BA in Business Economics and Accounting from University of California Los Angeles


  • Senior Accountant at Deloitte

  • Senior Financial Analyst at The Walt Disney Company

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Board Member – UCLA Asian Pacific Alumni Association

Justin Saka

Director of Operations

Sarah Liu

Instruction Director

Senior Instructor


  • MA in Teaching from University of Southern California                     

  • BA in English from Wuhan University, China                                     

  • BS in Psychology from Central China Normal University, China                     



  • ESL (English as a second language) teacher at Cambridge Institute of International Education.

  • Instructor at Wuhan Britain-China School

  • Holds Level 1 Certificate of Chinese National Mandarin Test

  • Language Teaching experiences  in Thailand, China, and the United States

Lu Lu

Curriculum Designer

Senior Instructor


  • M. Ed in Learning and Teaching from Harvard University

  • BA in Translation and Interpretation from Shanghai International Studies University                      



  • Language specialist at the Shanghai New Oriental Education & Technology Group

  • Corporate Mandarin class instructor at Getty Center, Snapchat and  the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

  • Taught private classes to actors, doctors, and Fortune 500 CEOs

  • Taught thousands of students in China, Indonesia, Singapore and the United States


  • MS in Information System Technology from the George Washington University

  • BA in Finance from Ohio University

  • BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Beijing Language and Culture University



  • 1-1 Mandarin class instructor at Ohio University

  • Mandarin teacher at Washington International School

  • Taught hundreds of students at Beijing International School

  • Private Mandarin class teacher for Fortune 500 managers

Wanqi Liu



  • MA in Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Language from the University of Florida

  • BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Liaoning University



  • Mandarin teacher at Huagen Chinese School

  • Mandarin teacher at Washington International School

  • Chinese tutor at Liaoning University teaching Mandarin to foreign students

  • Private Mandarin class teacher for government officials, businessmen, and lawyers, etc.

Chloe Hu



  • MS in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from University of Pennsylvania

  • BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Yantai University



  • 1-1 Chinese Mandarin class instructor at University of Pennsylvania

  • ESL instructor at Temple University

  • Chinese Mandarin Teacher at the Chinese School or South Jersey, Cherry Hill

  • Private Mandarin class teacher for clients from Fortune 500 companies

Ning Kang



Crystal Mone



  • Ed.D. in Educational Administration from University of the Pacific

  • M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction from University of the Pacific
    B.A. in English from Shanghai Normal University 



  • Mandarin Lecturer at University of the Pacific

  • Active Member of American Educational Research Association (AERA)

  • Lifetime Member of ΔEI Academic Honor Societ


  • MA in International Affairs from Georgetown University

  • BA in Philosophy from Gettysburg College

  • A graduate of the U.S. Federal Executive Institute and the US Department of State Foreign Service Institute in Cantonese and Mandarin Study


  • US Diplomat to Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and France

  • Deputy Chief of Intelligence at U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

  • Principal Spokesperson of Microsoft and testified three times before Congress

  • Keynote speaker at forums at the China Food and Drug Administration and Getty Center

  • Featured speaker on CBS “Market Watch”, CBS’s “60 Minutes” and CNN Asia

Richard C. LaMagna

Subject Matter Expert



Paul Tomko

Bodybuilder/Fitness Coach

At CLA, you get that team environment where your classmates are helping each other; the teachers are very passionate about your progress. It makes learning Chinese that much easier. After taking classes at the Chinese Language Academy, I found my confidence with the language has increased significantly. 


Callan McAuliffe


They make it very easy here because the teachers are so accommodating and so encouraging. For me, this has been an incredible experience.  Every time we learned a new word or sentences, I get to learn a little about Chinese history, which is very fascinating to me.


It’s very motivating when I came to the class and saw how my peers were learning the language and how they were picking it up through class participation.  Even though it’s a challenge, it’s very much achievable. 


Stacey Cohen


Terry Wingo

Banking Technology Specialist

I recommend CLA for those who really want an intense crash course to speak a language. As one who studied Japanese at a university, CLA actually was able to give me a lot of information in a short amount of time that I would have had in a university.


Jenny Park

Real Estate Agent

I recommend the program to those who want to expand their business to China. The program will help you directly communicate with your clients and win their trust.


Toshiji Takeshima


The teachers are awesome. They have great positive energy. You can learn from zero. You don’t need anything. You just need curiosity, and the teacher will guide you


Michael DeRenzo

Government Officer

What I’ve learned at the Chinese Language Academy will absolutely be beneficial to my career. Immediately upon completion of the course, I have the basic blocks that I need for engaging in conversation with my Chinese language counterparts that work at my job. 


Christina Nguyen

Senior Software Developer

Chinese Language Academy really opened my eyes to what I can accomplish in learning Chinese. 


Sean Bulanda

Health Care Lead Compliance Partner

Instructors at the Chinese Language Academy are all very helpful, very knowledgeable and they made the experience worthwhile just to have such a great team. I think what’s really fantastic was that we had the opportunities to get their immediate feedback. Their methods were very effective in helping me retain the information so that I can speak and read in Chinese with confidence. 


Michael Klueber

MBA Student

I think the hardest part about learning a language is usually the beginning phase when all seems so overwhelming. But I think if my friends can make it through this course, then they will see that learning Mandarin isn’t really as hard as they think it would be.  

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