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With a brilliant faculty and a revolutionary teaching methodology, CLA has the unmatched ability to bring the most effective Chinese Language programs to its clients globally. 

CLA Through Students' Eyes

Students from various cities shared their exepriences at CLA

Absolutely fantastic. I took the crash course and could not be more satisfied with the results. The classes are 4 hour blocks, which in other settings could be exhausting, but the instructor strikes such a fun, conversational tone that it's virtually impossible not to be engaged. 

-Rodrigo Saavedra, Los Angeles CA

Although very enjoyable, the class was rigorous and did not waste a moment, either in class or in the assignments.  Although I have taken Mandarin before and have traveled to China often on business over the years, just the 4-week crash course by itself had a huge impact on my comfort level with the language, the written characters and my ability to speak the tones.  

-Carol Giffen, Silver Spring MD

Constantly putting your mind through the motions of what the words mean and how to connect them is one major key for learning Mandarin. I don't think anyone could have made this more clear through the training CLA was able to provide. 

-Andrew Siordia, Los Angeles CA

The advanced class was a nice refresher on some grammar points and vocabulary, and I also learned a lot of new vocab and more grammar. Plus the instructor brought in outside information too, like other vocab or phrases not in our textbook. She was always willing to help us and share Chinese culture and the class was a lot of fun!

-Christine LaPlaca, Manhasset NY

Absolutely a thrilling ride! The classes are fast, fun, and engaging. Everyone is encouraged to practice and be vocal in their learning. Great teachers made this all the more exciting and valuable.

-Erica Park, La Mirada CA

The class is four hours long but feels really like a 30 minute session. The instructors are patient, diligent and very supportive. You'll also quickly find out that the other students come from varied backgrounds and all have different reasons for studying Mandarin. Getting to know all these people through their questions, point of views, angles in life, by way of studying Mandarin together is what makes the time in class fly by. If you can imagine it, the class is taught almost in a non linear way which serves two purposes. It keeps you on your feet and it goes back to the previous lessons to reinforce the concepts. It's an awesome way to lock in the information. Lastly, its not just the vocabulary and grammar that's being taught. The instructors have actually arranged extracurricular assignments such as TED Talks and many other interactive multimedia assignments that help you see the contextual side of Mandarin. This is the best program on the market so far. Enjoy!!!  

-Kenneth Nguyen, Los Angeles CA

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The Chinese class will be provided on your site at a time of your choice. Being the proud language service provider for the Federal and local governments and also Fortune 500 companies, we are confident in bringing an effective and motivating class to your team.


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