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CLA's Chinese language programs in New York City will provide you the essential skill to reach success in today's global economy.


A Revolutionary Teaching Methodology

Scientifically-proved teaching methods and fun class activities to empower your brain 

Fast, practical,and highly-productive  

Mandarin Programs Specifically Designed  for Adult Students

Federal Government Chinese Language Program Officer

University Instructor in Chinese Mandarin
Certified Assessor for the Mandarin Proficiency Test (PSC)

Interpreter for U.S. Congressmen

Speaker at conference of United Nations
Chinese Classes in LA
Attend classes at the New York City location of the Chinese Language Academy.
New York City is one of the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers.  It is one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world with over 800 languages spoken.  As home to the United Nations, New York is an important center for international diplomacy and has often been labeled as the cultural and financial capital of the world. Our two New York Chinese Language Academy classrooms are conveniently located on Wall Street, and also in Midtown. 
Our programs offer flexibility to working professionals. Most classes at our New York branch are held during the weekday evenings or weekends. Our featured Mandarin program is a 16-hour crash course. Join us to experience the most productive 16 hours in learning! 
The Basics
CLA 16 Crash Course Classes in Chinese

Learn Chinese in 16 Hours.

Learning a language is hard work. You can learn more effectively if you are not alone.


Your brain will work 10x better when you are excited and engaged with other people.


Happiness generates efficiency.


Join us! Experience the most productive 16 hours in learning.

Available Courses at Chinese Language Academy of New York


Group Class

  • “CLA 16” 16 Hour Crash Course for Beginners

  • Advanced Beginner Level Course

  • Intermediate Level Course 

  • Advanced Level Course

  • Proficient Level Course  


Corporate Training Classes

  • Customized Group Course at Your Site

  • Crash Course Designed for meetings, visits, and contract negotiations

  • Relocation Preparation Course 

  • Special Program in Chinese Business Culture  (non-language based) 

  • “Language + Insights” Program (with our Subject-Matter Experts) 

  • Mandarin Chinese For Executives

  • Mandarin Chinese For Public Services

  • Mandarin Chinese For Sales and Customer Services

  • Mandarin Chinese For TV & Film Industry professionals


Private Class

  • Customized in-person lessons

  • Customized online lessons

  • Afterschool Tutoring

  • Learning-Together Immersive lesson for families

  • Specific language coaching class for actors 

  • Exam Preparation lesson (HSK, BCT, AP, SAT and IB)

  • Business Chinese lessons

  • Chinese Literacy lessons for Heritage Speakers

  • Spoken Chinese lessons


Chinese Language Academy of New York

(646) 543-8498


CLA Wall Street

48 Wall St, Suite #1100 
New York, NY 10005



CLA Midtown

800 3rd Avenue, Suite #2800 
New York, NY 10022


Have Questions?

We welcome you to contact us or read our FAQ section.

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