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1. What are your teachers' qualifications?


All of our teachers are native Mandarin Chinese speakers with Master’s degrees from top US universities and years of experience teaching US students. The CLA teachers also attended intensive internal training and hold the same high educational standards crossing the nation.


2. What makes your programs different from other schools’ programs?


We are a national brand with an outstanding team including linguists with experience serving for the federal government’s most prominent Chinese language program. Our Applicant to Hire Ratio is 300:1 which ensures that CLA teachers are the best Mandarin teachers that you can find in your region. Our programs are fast-paced and practical. We use science-proven teaching methodologies to make the class motivating and productive. We also have a great alumni network including brilliant people with backgrounds in politics, science, entertainment, and business which make the learning experience unforgettable and inspiring.


3. What makes your programs different than Mandarin Chinese education videos and apps?


Language is a basic human activity and you need human interaction to learn effectively. Many learners with videos and apps won’t progress as they expect because of the absence of systemic guidance and motivation.  At CLA, we established a comprehensive system with different levels, we designed curriculum with interactive and effective methods, and we created fun class activities which will stimulate your brain and help you memorize the knowledge. To learn in a community also helps you to stay interested and energized while staring at a screen won’t bring you the same level of excitement and productivity. 


4. What's the price range of your group class and private class?


The price range for our group class for 1 student is from $18 to $25 per hour depending on the proficiency level; the price range for our private class for 1 student is from $45 to $70 per hour depending on the format of the class. 


5. Which class should I join if I am a beginner?


We would suggest all beginner students start with our CLA 16 Program which will bring you the most optimal outcome in a short amount of time and will also serve as the foundation for your future study.  The other programs in our school normally require previous knowledge of Mandarin.


6. After the CLA 16 crash course, what level can I reach?


You will understand the general structure of the Chinese language, acquire basic skills to communicate with Chinese speakers, be able to use the Chinese phonetic system to pronounce any new Mandarin Chinese word, learn to read and write at least 100 Chinese characters and learn the most important customs and etiquette in Chinese culture. 


7. Will the crash course be too intense for me?


Our classes are fast-paced but the teacher will make it fun and manageable. Thousands of people have tried our teaching methods and successfully reached their goals and you can be one of them too!


8. Do you offer long-term classes to help me reach a proficient level?


We have a comprehensive program and a spoken Chinese program for long-term learners. The comprehensive program is called CLA Practical Chinese Program and it has four levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficient.


9. I learned Chinese before, how can I decide which level to attend?


We will be happy to offer you a free proficiency evaluation to determine which level’s class will be the best fit for you. Please contact us and leave your phone number and available times and one of our linguists will give you a call.


10. If I have to miss one session, what are the options to make it up?


We offer options for make-up classes and we will be as supportive as we can to help you solve any schedule conflicts. Please contact us to discuss the make-up class options and schedules.


11. How to make payment?


We accept online payment options via credit card or Paypal, and we also accept money orders and checks.


12. What are the options for private classes?


We have face-to-face private classes and online private classes offered by the same excellent team. The curriculum and schedule will be customized based on your needs.


13. How often do you offer a new program?


We provide classes year round except during the Christmas season. We suggest students contact us for the most updated schedule. In general, we start multiple programs every month and can add more classes based on demand.


14. What kind of spoken Chinese and characters do you teach?


In our group class, we teach standard Mandarin and simplified Chinese characters which are used by most of the Chinese-speakers; in private classes, we can customize the content based on your needs.

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