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CLA Provides Individuals And Corporations Highly-Productive Chinese Language Classes And Fast Communication Solutions.
Chinese Classes in LA


Highest Rated Chinese Mandarin Course in Los Angeles 

Best Mandarin Instructors in LA

300:1 Applicant to Hire Ratio to Ensure CLA Teachers Are The Best In SoCal Region

Local Los Angeles Alumni Network for Resources and Inspiration On The Learning Journey

The Largest Chinese School in LA by Enrollment

Federal Government Chinese Language Program Officer

University Instructor in Chinese Mandarin
Certified Assessor for the Mandarin Proficiency Test (PSC)

Interpreter for U.S. Congressmen

Speaker at conference of United Nations
The Basics
Student Stories
CLA has a brilliant alumni network. Click to hear the students' stories.

As a student, I majored in Japanese and studied at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Duke and Stanford. I've spent many, many hours in language classes. I have to say that Ysabella is a first-rate teacher, and her program and teaching methods are on par with top university programs. She has an absolute mastery of the Chinese language, and she's designed a program that makes incredible, intensive use of the 4 hours of study per week. 

-Aaron Benay, Writer/Producer


The CLA Crash Course is the most efficient, effective, and affordable Chinese class. The skilled and expert teachers know how adults learn a foreign language. In addition to conversation, characters, and grammar, we learned deeper cultural points and had fun!


-Dr. Ann Marie Plubell, Non-Profit Organization Executive

I am so happy to be learning here at the Chinese Language Academy. They make it very easy because the teachers are so accommodating and so encouraging. For me, this has been an incredible experience.


-Callan McAuliffe, Actor

CLA at Los Angeles feels more like a family than anything else. I look forward to class each week, because I know it will bring not only new language insights, but also A LOT of laughs. For someone who has tried studying Chinese using audio programs in the car for years, trust me when I say CLA makes learning a difficult language like Chinese a lot easier and WAAAY more fun.


-Paul Tomko, Bodybuilder/Fitness Coach

CLA 16 Crash Course Classes in Chinese

Learn Chinese in 16 Hours.

Learning a language is hard work. You can learn more effectively if you are not alone.


Your brain will work 10x better when you are excited and engaged with other people.


Happiness generates efficiency.


Join us! Experience the most productive 16 hours in learning.

Available Courses at Chinese Language Academy


Group Class

  • “CLA 16” 16 Hour Crash Course for Beginners

  • Advanced Beginner Level Course

  • Intermediate Level Course 

  • Advanced Level Course

  • Proficient Level Course

  • Spoken Chinese Course

  • Business Chinese Course   


Corporate Training Classes

  • Customized Group Course at Your Site

  • Crash Course Designed for meetings, visits, and contract negotiations

  • Relocation Preparation Course 

  • Special Program in Chinese Business Culture  (non-language based) 

  • “Language + Insights” Program (with our Subject-Matter Experts) 

  • Mandarin Chinese For Executives

  • Mandarin Chinese For Public Services

  • Mandarin Chinese For Sales and Customer Services

  • Mandarin Chinese For TV & Film Industry professionals


Private Class

  • Customized in-person lessons

  • Customized online lessons

  • Afterschool Tutoring

  • Learning-Together Immersive lesson for families

  • Specific language coaching class for actors 

  • Exam Preparation lesson (HSK, BCT, AP, SAT and IB)

  • Business Chinese lessons

  • Chinese Literacy lessons for Heritage Speakers

  • Spoken Chinese lessons

Have Questions?

We welcome you to contact us or read our FAQ section.

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