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"CLA 16" Mandarin Crash Course

Learn Chinese in 16 Hours.

Effective, motivating, and fun. This program is the best foundation to start your Chinese learning journey. Join us! Experience the most productive 16 hours in learning.

“CLA 16” Mandarin Chinese Crash Course
The “CLA 16” Mandarin Chinese Crash Course is a 16 hour program designed to introduce the beginner student to the structure of the Mandarin language and guide the student to build a foundation to develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese. This program was designed by Ms. Ysabella Chen and has served thousands of students since its debut in 2013. 
Course Goals and Learning Objectives
•    Have a solid understanding of the structure of Mandarin Chinese (pronunciation, writing system and grammar). 
•    Have basic skills to communicate with your Chinese-speaking family members, friends and business contacts. 
•    Learn to write at least 100 Chinese characters and recognize many more. 
•    Be able to use the Pinyin system to pronounce any new Chinese word you encounter in the future with correct tones.
•    Be able to type Chinese on a regular keyboard. 
•    Start using Mandarin Chinese skill for business and daily life.

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